Working Together

  • Working with Nanoscale is straightforward. Our goal is to integrate our advantageous electrochemical prelithiation technology into the cell manufacturing process.

  • We license our technology and sell the equipment needed to perform the prelithiation. We start by validating our technology with your materials and cell design.

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We’re already working around the world

  • We conduct trials with advanced cell manufacturers, materials suppliers and OEMs.

  • We have delivered pilot line equipment and soon be deploying our latest large-scale equipment.
  • Successful cell assembly with prelithiated anodes has been completed, including large format automotive sizes.
  • Safe dry handling during cell assembly has been tested.

  • Prelithiated anodes have been shipped to the US, Europe, Korea, Japan and China.

The Only Safe, Scalable, Low-Cost Prelithiation

to enable

High Performance, Lower Cost Cells