Working Together

  • We are currently in trials with cell makers, materials suppliers and OEMs. 
  • If you would like to validate the technology with your materials and cell designs, contact us at
  • After validation, we can license our technology, and sell you the equipment needed to perform the prelithiation.

We’re already working around the world

  • Successful cell assembly with pre-lithiated anodes has been completed, in both cylindrical and pouch cells, including large format automotive sizes.
  • Careful dry handling during assembly was the only requirement.
  • Safe handling has been tested.

  • Pre-lithiated anodes have been shipped to the US, Europe, China, Korea and Japan.
  • Rolls have been pre-lithiated with patterning for both wound and stacked cells.

Safe, Scalable, Low-Cost Pre-Lithiation


Higher Energy Density, Lower Cost Cells