BEDFORD, NH, June 14, 2023 – Nanoscale Components Inc. (“Nanoscale”), the leader in electrochemical prelithiation technology, enters a new growth phase by tripling its existing space and preparing for testing its latest equipment, which is designed for gigawatt-hour scale deployment.

The larger facility will allow Nanoscale to expand its operations and demonstrate to customers its latest roll-to-roll technology, automated for 7 x 24 operation. Electrochemical prelithiation enables cell manufacturer to produce lithium-ion cells with higher energy density, longer cycle life and reduced cell impedance, all while reducing cost and carbon footprint. The process is effective with a range of anode materials, from pure graphite to the world’s most advanced silicon materials.

Nanoscale’s electrochemical process is the only safe, scalable and low-cost prelithiation technology. Compared to known hazardous Li-metal prelithiation methods, Nanoscale’s breakthrough roll-to-roll process uses a safe, low-cost Li-salt. To date, Nanoscale has delivered pilot line roll-to-roll equipment and will soon be deploying its latest large-scale equipment.

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