An Industry Breakthrough: Safe, Scalable, Low-Cost Pre-lithiation

A safe process not using lithium metal


Pre-lithiation has always been desired, but previous approaches using lithium metal could not be commercialized due to safety and cost issues.

 Nanoscale’s Process

Safe salt: Electrochemical process uses a safe, stable lithium salt instead of metal

Safer manufacturing: No lithium metal is used, eliminating a key fire risk

Safer cells: No lithium metal is in cells, eliminating tendency to form dendrites

A scalable process that operates roll-to-roll

Nanoscale has proven its roll-to-roll process to pilot manufacturing scale, and is now gearing up to support mass production

An inherently low-cost process

  • Low-cost salt is much less expensive than metal
  • Our process uses a non-flammable solvent
  • Our self-contained pre-lithiation equipment doesn’t need dry room space
  • Pre-lithiated cells are less expensive/Wh than conventional cells as the energy increase is greater than the process cost
Contact us, and we’ll customize the chart below for your cell design based on:

  • Cell Balance Model with pre-lithiation dosage and capacity gain
  • Cost Model for that pre-lithiation dosage

A compatible process

  • Pre-lithiation can be added easily.  All your existing anode and cathode coating equipment are unchanged.
  • Just pre-lithiate coated and calendered anode electrodes, and then assemble cells under normal dry room conditions.